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Tesco groceries

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Tesco is a multinational retailer that specializes in groceries and other merchandises. Measured by gross revenues, it is the third largest retailers in the world, and the ninth largest, measured by revenues. Its first store opened in 1931 in Burnt Oak in Barnet London. Currently, it has almost 7,000 stores across the world, and it employs more than 500,000 people.

Tesco’s headquarters is located in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. Find more information about Tesco on their official website


Tesco Stores

Tesco operates various types of stores in the United Kingdom:

  • Tesco superstores are the traditional supermarkets that stock groceries.
  • Tesco express stores are convenience stores that stock mostly stock foods.
  • Tesco Metro are located beside railway stations and on the high streets in towns.
  • Tesco extra shops are mainly stores that distribute goods normally found in supermarkets and department stores. Unlike the other kinds of stores, Tesco extra shops are mostly located on the outskirts of cities, although a few of them are centrally located.
  • Jack’s is a separate budget chain that was created by Tesco in 2018 to compete with similar brands in the budget chain business.


Other Tesco Operations

Tesco Bank is a joint operation run by Tesco and the royal bank of Scotland. It offers financial services in the UK.
Tesco Mobile is a mobile phone business run by Tesco. It also operates in the United Kingdom.
Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card system operated by Tesco. It allows users to collect points by shopping in Tesco, and spend those points on several offers. Tesco also has a mobile application in with the same name, and it supports the loyalty card system, so users won’t have to carry their Clubcard around with them.


Tesco Online stores

Tesco also runs a type of online store called dark stores. These are retail outlets that cater exclusively to online shoppers.


Tesco Energy

Tesco runs filling stations that distribute petrol and diesel. They have also started distributing biofuel in their stations.


Tesco Sustainability

Tesco sustainability is the company’s effort to combat involving like carbon emission, food waste, health, land pollution, cyber security and bribery.


Tesco Leaflets and Magazine

Tesco hands out leaflets to their store customers. These are often in advertisement of their promotions, as well as their other services. Tesco has a monthly issue magazine called Tesco magazine.


Tesco Private Brands

Tesco stores offer everything from groceries to clothing to household textiles, furniture, appliances and other hardware. However, the stores also offer exclusive brands - products that cannot be gotten anywhere other than at Tesco. They are:

  • Hearty Food Co. which offers everyday value ready meals
  • H.W Nevill’s which offers bread
  • Grower’s Harvest which offers farm grown produce like tomatoes and oats
  • Stockwell & Co. which offers cupboard staples like baked beans and teabags
  • Ms Molly’s which offers cakes, biscuits and ice creams
  • Butcher’s Choice which offers meat
  • Creamfields which offers dairy products
  • Eastman’s which offers deli foods


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Tesco groceries

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