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Lidl is one of the largest supermarkets across the globe. Lidl has about 315,000 employees to its name. It prides itself to be one of the leading supermarkets in the UK. Over the years, it has earned its name by making all its products budget friendly. One of the ways they achieved this was by sourcing all the items for making their edible products from one country.

For more information about Lidl visit their official website or download the Lidl app to plan your next shopping trip.


Lidl Assortment

Lidl offers an assortment of goods ranging from your daily green groceries to animal products and with a wide assortment of drinks in their various stores.

Over the years, Lidl has made slow but steady developments. In almost every country in the world, there is a Lidl store and they also have various private labels to their name which helps them cut costs as well.

Lidl partnered with several firms to get help with its delivery services. Lidl has special weekly offers where they also distribute online leaflets for amazing discounts.


Lidl Private brands

Among others, Lidl offers a wide selection of products from their private brands such as:

  • Oaklands - Vegetables and fruits
  • Deluxe - Assorted meat and chocolate treats
  • Simply – Drinks
  • Birchwood Farm – Lamb and turkey products
  • Strathvale Farm – Scottish lamb products
  • Lighthouse Bay – Fresh fish
  • Chef Select – Chilled range
  • Woodcote – Egg range
  • Ocean Trader – Frozen fish products
  • Gelatelli – Ice-cream
  • Hatherwood Craft Beer Company – Brewery range
  • Baresa – Range of sauces and pasta
  • Bellarom – Coffee
  • Knightsbridge – Tea
  • Snaktastic – Selection of snacks
  • Alesto – Nuts, seeds and dried fruit
  • Just Free – Gluten-free range
  • W5 – Products for cleaning
  • Cien – Beauty and Hygiene products
  • Dentalux – Dental hygiene products
  • Lupilu – Baby range
  • Orlando – Dog food
  • Coshida – Cat food


Other services offered by Lidl

  • Lidl movies: This service was launched in 2009 and it was able to replace the top rental company at the time.
  • Lidl bakeries: This was launched in the year 2012, it was a huge success with a lot of savory pastries to its name.
  • Lidl online photo services: This was launched in August 2013, the service prints photos and dishes out photo gifts with amazing discounts.


History of Lidl

Lidl was founded in 1973 with its headquarters in Neckarsalum, Germany, and has over 740 stores in the UK. Its first UK store was opened in 1994.

Lidl’s head office in the UK is located in
19 Worple Road
SW19 4JS.


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Lidl offers

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